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Whether You Own an Acura, NSX or Honda, You may need to consider our services. At Cornerstone Auto Service in Parkersburg, WV, we offer low cost repairs for Acura and Honda vehicles even if it's brand new or still under warranty. We use Honda Acura factory recommended procedures, we also use Honda Acura brand parts and fluids.

The Buck Stops Here! No more paying for others to "Guess" what's wrong with your Acura or Honda. Our years of experience allow us to tell you ACURAtely what your car needs. We have worked in the field as professional dealer technicians, Mechanical Instructors, Honda President Award Winner and Acura Precision Team Winner. Cornerstone Auto Service business relationship with Acura Honda Of Boston Massachusetts has allow us to provide you with the lowest Acura or Honda part prices with over 30% off list price.

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  • Tony is as honest as they come. I am a tech by trade and he is someone I would trust my mom's car with. Extremely knowledgeable about late model cars and understands the electronics very well. Great shop.

    Mike S., via Google

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2 Reviews

  • Stacy Strum
    Stacy Strum5 years ago

    I have a 2005 Acura MDX. The guys at Cornerstone Auto Service were extremely friendly and 100% knowledgeable when it came to my Acura. One of the guys specializes in Acura and was so happy to have met him. When he approached me and my son at the gas station asking about my Acura and if I liked it, well I had only owned it for a few months and told him that this was the first Acura I ever owned. He asked if I had any issues and I told him about a noise I was hearing and a vibration I was feeling and he kindly said that the Acura's are very nice cars but what I was experiencing sounds like the torque converter. So after the noise was getting worse I was unaware that I could of taken my car to Tony for a couple recalls and took it to the Acura Dealership in Charleston, WV and while down there asked them to check out the noise and vibration I was hearing and feeling and told them I was told it might be the torque converter. They came back to say that it seemed to be in the rear end of my car and really nothing can be done. Well the issue continued and started to get worse so I called Tony and right away he knew what the problem was...the torque converter. He worked for Acura and Honda dealership for 15 years. If it wasn't for Tony my transmission would probably be needing fixed or replaced. Tony was extremely thorough with my car and I needed several things fixed that neither Larry Simmons Honda Dealer in Parkersburg,WV or Thornhill Acura Dealer in south Charlestone, WV let me know. I even told them that I recently bought the car and want to know if all is well.Let me tell you what they failed to tell me that Tony fixed....torque converter, front brakes and rotors, ABS sensor, AC air filter, front window seals and 2 motor mounts were broken(I hope I'm not forgetting anything) But I can 100% guarantee that if I ever need anything done to any of my vehicle's Tony is the guy I bring them to. Thanks so much for being kind,understanding, generous and thorough. He even washed my car when he was finished and checked in the next day to make sure I was happy with the work he did and let me tell you he did an amazing job and my car runs like a new car again...even better than when I bought it. Thanks so much!

    2005 Acura MDX
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  • Bob Scott
    Bob Scott5 years ago

    Tony met me on a Saturday by special appointment. He did a coolant flush and a brake fluid flush on my Ridgeline. Both went smoothly and in a timely fashion. Tony had the right tools and lift for the job. He was very friendly and you can tell he treats your car like his own. I will use his services at Cornerstone Auto Service again.

    2008 Honda Ridgeline
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