• How to Make Your Acura Last Over 100,000 Miles

    Published 23 hours ago — by Lisa Federico

    Make your vehicle last longer with these tips!
    Photo Credit: World Bank Photo Collection

    Today, motorists are choosing to keep their vehicle longer. The new average age of all cars on the road is more than 11 years, according to Polk research. Improvements in vehicle reliability and quality, as well as advancements in automaker technology have led the way as to why many motorists are hanging on to their vehicle longer, rather than buy a new one.

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  • Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Acura

    Published 4 weeks ago — by Lisa Federico

    Spring clean your vehicle today!
    Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass

    It looks like the whole country has caught up and we are in the thick of spring now, finally. Those rainy afternoons and dustings of pollen (especially if you live in the south) can dirty up your vehicle fast. Just like you “spring clean” your home, spring cleaning your Acura is important too. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for your vehicle.

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  • Which Car Part Should I Use For My Acura Repair?

    Published 1 month ago — by Lisa Federico

    OEM, aftermarket, remanufactured, rebuilt or used?
    Photo Credit: AdamL212

    There are several different types of parts to choose from when your Acura needs a parts repair. Here is a quick definition of each of the available options that you most likely can choose from.

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  • Spring On in to Your Local Acura Repair Shop

    Published 2 months ago — by Lisa Federico

    Spring into your nearest Acura repair shop.

    Spring into your nearest Acura repair shop
    Photo Credit: Rachel Kramer

    We have braved the frigid cold, dumps of snow and icy roads of winter 2017-2018, and finally, springtime is near. Your vehicle probably took a huge beating due to the harsh winter conditions. While we transition to longer days, shorter nights and warmer temps, it's now time to think about getting your vehicle ready for spring driving on the roadways and interstates. Here are a few things to have inspected by your neighborhood Acura repair shop.

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  • Acura Engine Trouble Signs and Warnings

    Published 2 months ago — by Lisa Federico

    Know the warning signs of engine trouble.

    Know the warning signs of engine trouble.
    Photo Credit: Gabriel Jorby

    Illuminated dash signs, unusual noises, smells, jerking and more-know the signs of possible engine trouble, so you can get into a reputable independent Acura repair shop fast, to keep yourself safe on the road and avoid costly engine repairs in the future.

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