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It’s a Love Affair..! We Know Your Love for Acura..!

Save up to 50% on Acura Repair & Service

24 Months / 24,000 Miles Warranty (Including Parts & Labor)

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Desi Auto Care is a full service Acura specialized repair and service center in Stratford, NJ. (Serving South Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware) We bring over 30 years of Japanese automotive experience and technical expertise. We’re team of Acura factory trained specialists with dealer level expertise.

We welcome you to our facility, upon your visit we will explain to you which of the repairs are required to correct existing problems and which are for preventive maintenance. We will provide you all diagnostic details, why the problem occurred, what the cause was and what the correction is and after repair test drive report.

Independent Acura Repair Shop Service Doesn’t Void Warranty
You don’t have to take your Acura to the dealer to maintain your warranty

We have the experience, resources and knowledge to meet all your Acura repair and service needs. Your work will be done at a REASONABLE cost. We will not perform any repair work without your prior authorization. No hidden cost.

We take pride in our personal service to our customers and their Acuras. We’re proud to be a Female Friendly repair shop. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Experience the difference!

We’re Proud to be a Female Friendly!

  • 47 % of our customers are women
  • Women deserve a repair shop they can fully trust
  • Our technician will take time to explain things with patience
  • Please! Ask us any questions; we’ll be very happy to answer
  • Your questions accurately answered in ways you can understand
  • We provides detailed written estimate of the work to be performed
  • We make sure women’s experience of Acura repair is a pleasant one

Our criteria for a female customer are - honesty, respect, integrity and willingness for open communication. As you walk into our shop the receptionist will welcome you with friendly greeting, you can’t help but notice the clean, fresh smell of our beautiful waiting area. The fresh Keurig coffee brewed one cup at a time and lots of free refreshments for you and “of course Very Clean Restroom!"

There is Only One Boss – The Customer!

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Service inspections
  • Local courtesy rides
  • Routine maintenance
  • Performance upgrades
  • Major and minor repairs
  • NJ State inspection facility
  • 24 Hours emergency towing
  • Verified by
  • NJ State emission repair facility
  • Clean-Comfortable waiting area
  • We accept after-market extended warranties
  • Dealer level state of the art - full diagnostics for Acura
  • Free Coffee, Tea, Soda, Cookie, Juice, Candy, Snacks
  • Highest quality OES Parts (Original Equipment Supplier)
  • Highest quality OEM Parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


  • After Hours Drop-Off
  • Cable TV
  • Customer Lounge
  • Free Wifi
  • Magazines
  • Refreshments
  • Shuttle Service
  • Transit Accessible
  • Walkable Area
  • Weekend Hours

Meet Our Team

  • Shawn McShea

    Lead Master Technician

    Lead Master Technician Shawn McShea grew up with a extra ordinary talent for fixing cars and a passion for Acura. Shawn is the third generation of his technician family. Shawn has more than thirty years experience of GERMAN, EUROPEAN and JAPANESE auto repair and maintenance. Shawn also has twelve years experience as a lead master technician at BMW and Mercedes-Benz dealerships. Shawn and his team of technicians continue to keep up-to-date with information on the latest models, tools and knowledge to service your modern Acura.

Awards & Affiliations

ASE Master Auto TechniciansASE Master Auto Technicians
BBB Accredited BusinessBBB Accredited Business
Bosch ServiceBosch Service
RepairPal CertifiedRepairPal Certified

14 Reviews

  • John Burns3 weeks ago

    First off, the mechanics (Sean, Andrew and many more...) are amazing! They will do whatever it takes to find the actual problems, not just throw in parts and hope for the best.

    So, my Acura wouldn't shift into 1st and 3rd without grinding out. By the time I took in to Desi Auto Care, it wouldn't even engage 3rd at all. I just knew it was going to be a transmission problem, but after 2 days of checking, turns out it was a small pin associated with my clutch or slave thingy (not an engine issue-thank god). What I thought was going to be a costly repair work, ended up costing me less than a night out with girlfriend.

    I did end up getting brakes and well, but I have to say, those guys are trustworthy! I'm Acura liver and now extremely happy driver!

    2011 Acura TAX V6
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    Sean3 weeks ago

    Hello John!

    It was a pleasure talking to you about Acura Fan Club. Thank you.

    Best wishes from - ACURA specialist independent, local auto repair shop, Japanese expert, certified mechanics, imported maintenance service center.

    Yes! We're proud to be a female friendly auto repair shop.

  • Dmitro Shevchenko3 months ago

    After taking my Acura to several different shops for engine leak/grinding noise and being told they couldn't figure out what "exactly" was wrong, I finally took my car to Desi Auto Care. Wow! Not only did Andrew figure out the issue, but it was inexpensive to fix! Less money than I had wasted at all the other shops just getting a "diagnostic".

    2013 Acura RDX Technology Pkg.
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    Andrew3 months ago

    Hello Dmitro!

    We welcomes you to our Acura-family of fine customers!

    Best wishes from - ACURA specialist independent, local auto repair shop, Japanese expert, certified mechanics, imported maintenance service center.

  • Kobe Angelou5 months ago

    I'm a professional guy working in center city Philadelphia who recently purchased an Acura from auction.

    I understand that Acuras are more intricate to work on. However Desi Auto Care gives very economical quotes and exemplary work for comparable work, compared to dealers. They have replaced my timing belt; it was worn out at 167k miles. I have experienced honesty from Sam and his knowledgeable Acura technicians.

    2015 Acura MDX
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    Sam5 months ago

    Hello Kobe!

    We welcomes you to our Acura-Family of fine customers.

    Best wishes from - ACURA specialist independent, local auto repair shop, Japanese expert, certified mechanics, imported maintenance service center.

  • Diana Sickles7 months ago

    We just moved from Huston to NJ. We were lucky to find these mechanics to repair my Acura. Reasonable prices and they do not sell un-needed services like the Acura dealership. Our car did not pass smog test. Brought it to Shawn, he did visual inspection of hose and fixed it in 40 minutes while we waited in waiting area full with all kinds free foods. His quick and quality work will bring us back for sure.

    2010 Acura TSX
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    Shawn7 months ago

    Hello Diana!

    Welcome to New Jersey. Thank you for choosing us.

    Best wishes from - ACURA Specialist Independent - Local Auto Repair Shop and Japanese Imported Expert, Certified Mechanic, Maintenance Service Center.

    and Yes! We're proud to be a female friendly auto repair shop.

  • Akshay Rajput9 months ago

    My Acura passenger side mirror was smashed and hanging by the wires. the body shop said the part was about $500 plus installation will be $300. Insane? I called Sam and he contacted junk yard. He found a same color used working mirror for $97. He only charged me one hr labor. I watched mechanics install mirror and it was not easy. He had to take the door off and remove several panels to do the wiring. Mirror is working perfect now.

    2008 Acura TL 6 Cylinder
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    Sam8 months ago

    Hello Akshay!

    Why spend more when we can find better alternative.

    Enjoy the reflection!

    Best wishes from - ACURA Specialist Imported Auto Repair Shop and Japanese Expert, Certified Mechanic, Maintenance Service Center.

  • Sebastian Popa11 months ago

    Took Acura to Desi Auto Care to get a scary warning sign fixed. The correct repair was made promptly for a reasonable price. Acura's are highly complex autos that are difficult to service and Desi Auto Care is up to the task. The dealer-simply cannot match Desi's friendly service. They also noticed a couple of side issues and dealt with them. A holistic approach to my car's health! Nice!

    Is your Acura is out of warranty? Period! These are your service guys.

    2008 Acura Acura TL with Navigation system
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    Rachael10 months ago

    Hello Sebastian!

    Thank you for taking time to review.

    We value your opinion.

    Best wishes from - ACURA Specialist imported Auto Repair Shop and Japanese Expert, certified Mechanic, Maintenance Service Center.

  • Sara Bonnet1 year ago

    I went in bcoz the weather stripping around my passenger door was getting stuck. Elliott actually fixed my door for free! I also told him that my Acura was overheating in this summer. He found out that, my old mechanic in Mount Holly "ACCIDENTALLY" put a rag into my water hose which broke my water pump. He suggested replacing my water pump among a few other parts. They got the job done quickly and they showed me old parts and what was wrong with my car. Go for Desi!

    2012 Acura RDX
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    Elliott1 year ago

    Hello Sara!

    We appreciate your support.

    Thank You from - ACURA Specialist imported Auto Repair Shop and Expert Japanese - certified Mechanic Maintenance Service Center.

    and Yes! We're proud to be a female friendly auto repair shop.

  • Hiroki Nakamura1 year ago

    Drove in from Harrisburg to bring my daughter along with her Acura to college. My bad luck- the check engine light came on. Happened to notice the shop as I was staying at a Hotel very close by so I decided to stop in. Spoke with Andrew and he verified what I already suspected was a bad Air/Fuel Sensor. He order OEM part number for me, and installed it for only $50.

    He felt my distressed as I would soon be leaving back to Harrisburg and time was short. He had his mechanic double and triple check everything as well as clean MAF and another sensor just to be sure the light would not come back on. Although this took him quite a bit of extra time and effort, out of kindness he charges me nothing for this.

    2008 Acura MDX
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    Andrew1 year ago

    Hello Hiroki,

    It was nice meeting you guys.

    We appreciate your support.

    Thank you from - ACURA Specialist imported Auto Repair Shop and Expert Japanese certified Mechanic Maintenance Service Center.

  • Brain Buckalew1 year ago

    Battery terminals in my Acura broke after I replaced the battery myself due to excessive corrosion. I spoke over the phone with Sean, he told me to swing by to have a better look. Upon arrival he immediately inspects my car and told me he can repair my terminals and gave me the option of just removing the old ones or replacing it with new ones.

    I could have done the repair myself, but the one I had were soldered in and I did not have the tools necessary to get it out. He eventually gave me the least expensive solution which was great. He charged me $56 to get it out and did not end up selling me other things. This is great considering that when I had just broken the terminals. I called Pep boys and they wanted to charge me $230 for labor alone + 3 hours of repair. Acura Dealer quoted me a price of $382+ tax with 8 hours of wait time. Desi Auto Care ended up getting my car fixed in 30 minutes.

    2002 Acura MDX
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    Sean1 year ago

    Hello Brain,

    we love to have a auto-knowledgeable customer like you.

    We appreciate your trust in our team.

    Thank you from - ACURA specialist imported auto repair shop and certified mechanic Japanese maintenance service center.

  • Dave Bloomburg1 year ago

    I brought in my Acura becoz it would seems to stutter in between shifting (automatic transmission) It only did this intermittently, not daily.

    I dropped off my car and when i came back Shawn said that he couldn't re-create the symptoms that i was experiencing but did look at the engine and found the transmission fluid was overfilled. Shawn said it wasn't necessarily the cause of my Acura's issue.

    It could have been easy for the shop to come up with a fake diagnosis and expensive fix for the vehicle buy he did not do that. He was transparent throughout the entire process. Also i will definitely be going back to him for my BMW (my 2nd car)

    2010 Acura TXS 2010
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    Shawn1 year ago

    Hello Dave,

    I was glad that your repair issue wasn't that big. We do our best to avoid you from unnecessary expenses.

    Thank you from - ACURA specialist auto repair shop & expert mechanic maintenance service center.

  • Travis Weinstein 1 year ago

    Have a 2005 Acura TSX . I usually take it to dealer for stuff, but they always seem to overcharge and try to sell me other services I don't need, not to mention they make you wait forever!

    I found this shop, also it's close to my work and specialized in Acura. I needed an oil change And window motor. I drove up at 10am, and they took me in. My car had been making noise for couple weeks. And as soon as I described it to them, they immediately knew what the issue was and showed me the wear on my rear brakes by comparing it to new ones. It was obvious I needed the rear brakes done and they gave me nice price.

    I'm very happy to report that " mysterious sound " is now totally gone and the Acura drives perfectly. I don't trust repair shop easily but Desi win my trust!

    2005 Acura TSX
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    Rachael1 year ago

    Hello Travis,

    It was nice meeting you, We appreciate your support!

    Thank you from - ACURA specialist auto repair shop & expert mechanic maintenance service center.

  • Valeria Smirnov1 year ago

    This place is like my Platonic ideal of a Acura repair. All things I think are important (price, fairness, quality, ownership & accountability) they do well.

    *PRICE: Ridiculously good*

    Price of a timing belt+ water pump change was less than 60% off what my local Acura dealer quoted. I asked around, did Google, and this price was exceptionally low for reputable shop like this.

    *SERVICE: Solid*

    Timing belt was changed properly. Just had some bad luck with tensioner going belly up immediately after. Andrew suspects it had been dying for a while and the newly tense belt probably accelerated its journey to timing belt heaven. This sounds accurate to me after the tensioner was changed, a wobbly noise that I was experienced for a long time suddenly disappeared.

    *EXTRAS: Better than dealer-ish amenities*

    2 years repair warranty (parts and labor included), courtesy ride with smile, you'll be asked often if you'd like a free beverage, snacks, candy and coffee. If you ask they show your car's old parts. They know you by name & treat you like a family.

    2011 Acura TL with Tech pkg
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    Drew1 year ago

    Hello Valeria,

    We appreciate your positive comments and will continue to do even more...for customers.

    Thank you from - ACURA specialist auto repair shop & maintenance expert mechanic service center.

    and Yes! We're proud to be a female friendly auto repair shop.

  • Richard Lombardi1 year ago

    My ACURA was shutting off on the road and then would turn right back on when the key in the ignition. I spent $800 dollars trying to get this repaired at another shop in West Deptford. The problem persisted. I took it into Desi Auto Care, he told me right away that the problem was the ignition. He said I should call ACURA first to see if there was a recall so I could save some money. it ended up being a recall for a part of the ignition...

    I wanted the entire thing fixed. He replaced it for a total of $200 My entire repair is covered by warranty 24,000 Miles/24 Months (Including parts & labor) You can't beat this man!

    Staff always welcomes you with smile and listen to you (Gives me feeling of I"M THE BOSS!)

    2009 Acura TL SH-AWD
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    Shawn1 year ago

    Hello Richard,

    We appreciates your support - You're the BOSS!

    Thank you from - ACURA specialist auto repair shop & maintenance expert mechanic service center.

  • Amber Thompson1 year ago

    As a student in Philadelphia for college, i had to switch multiple mechanics in this area until i found this Acura Specialist shop. Came here on two occasions and both times Shawn took care of business, gave me good honest evaluations and what repairs were more important on my Acura, and most importantly does it all on very reasonable price.

    Don't really write reviews but I had to show my support for Desi Auto Care because while my car was in shop he send receptionist to give me ride to my dentist.

    2004 Acura Acura TL 5-spd
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    Shawn1 year ago

    Hello Amber,

    We love to help customers, its our duty to give you ride.

    We appreciate your positive comments.

    Thank you from - ACURA specialist repair shop, expert mechanic maintenance service center.