Indepenent Acura Repair Shop vs. Acura Dealer Service Center

The Advantages of Using an Independent Acura Specialist

When repairing your Acura , it’s a no-brainer to take it to the dealer for warranty related work. However, taking your Acura to a local independent Acura mechanic for routine service will not void the warranty and will likely save you quite a bit of money. Beginning your relationship with a qualified Acura Repair Shop as soon as possible gives you a chance to build a relationship with your repair and service providers prior to needing major repairs.

Cost Savings

Independent Acura Repair Shops are often more competitively priced than the Acura dealer service center. Your savings at an independent Acura repair facility will come from two sources: parts and labor.

The independent mechanic uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts - this means they are made by the same manufacturer that licensed them to Acura . These parts often come at a savings of at least 20%. In most cases, the independent Acura technician will have a lower hourly rate than a dealer. This will add up to be a significant savings, especially on major repairs. However, well respected Acura specialists actually charge an hourly rate that is at or above the dealer.

Experienced Acura Technicians

Most independent Acura repair shops are run by Acura trained technicians that spent several years working at the dealer. Their experience walks out the door with them. This benefits you as a Acura driver because you can now access these technicians at a better price. An added value to an independent shop is that your car will be worked on by the same tech each time, not like at the dealer. This gives the technician the chance to get to know you, your driving habits, and your car. Building a relationship with the person working under the hood is far better than a relationship with a dealer service advisor.


Independent Acura Repair Shops offer the value of convenience. There are shops located all over the country. You can most likely find a repair shop that is closer to your home than a Acura dealership. Many independent Acura shops offer shuttles that will take you to work or home and some even offer loaner or rental cars. Most shops also have comfortable customer lounges and may offer wi-fi access. The convenience of independent Acura repair shops allows you to save your valuable time when your Acura needs repair or service.